Pre-Service Teaching

The following courses are offered to students enrolled in the Bachelor of Education (BEd) and the Bachelor of Education/Diploma in Technological Studies at the University of Windsor.

EDUC 5499: Practicum

The practicum consists of two main components: orientation to schools, with a focus on school culture and school community; and classroom practice related to the candidate’s specific discipline. Teacher candidates are assigned, during Fall and Winter practicum sessions, to schools or other settings approved by the Ontario College of Teachers, for a minimum of sixty days of combined observation and practice related to these components. As well, candidates will do 100 hours of pedagogical workshops, courses or seminars, offered by the Board. The Technological Program Consultant will sign off on this training. Candidates would be required to visit schools that offer their discipline. The Technological Program Coordinator will set up the school visits and the Board will pay for teacher coverage during their absence from regular teaching.

EDUC 5366: Mathematics Teachable (J/I/S)

This course provide a more detailed study and application of the aims and teaching procedures of mathematics in the Junior-Intermediate and Intermediate-Senior divisions.

EDUC 5315: Mathematics Methodology (P/J)

This course is designed to introduce methods for teaching mathematics to elementary students from Junior Kindergarten – Grade 6. This course focuses on children’s thinking in mathematics and classroom practices that support and develop children’s thinking. Teacher candidates develop frameworks for assessing children’s strategies for solving problems. They will explore the connection between arithmetical and algebraic thinking in the elementary grades.

EDUC 5225: Mathematics Foundations (J/I)

An introduction to the growth, development, and learning of children from Grades 4 to 8, with an emphasis on instructional practices and curriculum planning for teaching mathematics.

EDUC 5209: Critical Analysis of Social, Global & Cultural Issues in Education (Technological Studies)

An introduction to critical reflection and analysis of educational issues. This course addresses the varieties of students who enter the classroom in terms of their diverse social origins, cultures, identities, and social status (lived and perceived). It engages participants in an examination of the purposes of education, education policy, and teachers’ responsibility to work productively with school colleagues and other adults to achieve equitable access, experiences, and outcomes for all students.

EDUC 5201: Philosophical Orientation to Education (Technological Studies)

Theories of learning and the nature of learning will be explored so that teacher candidates begin an inquiry process toward their teaching philosophy.